Welcome to John 21 Ministries!

Hi guys!

My name is Derek Cozine, a student of Grace University and a brother in Jesus Christ our Lord! John 21 Ministries served as a past, present and future tool for my ministry when i graduate and it still will, but i want to lead a more lifestyle based blog to show Christ in my life, instead of just bringing a message to the lives of my readers. i want people to see how Jesus has and is still impacting my life.

I will be embarking on my upcoming marriage, my schooling, my work and everything in between, while establishing a connection to everything i have learned in my walk with Him and in my school by and from Him. I will touch base with Christian Spirituality and Biblical foundations in every blog post and if i can, show you the hope and joy in God with each one.

You may comment on the individual blogs at anytime. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me or leave a comment on the page it pertains to and i will email you back. I still have room to grow (And always will), so start a debate with me. Give me criticism If you think i need it. If want to hear my opinion on a topic, let me know and i will post a blog within the next few days or post back to you privately if you wish!

Derek Cozine,


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people, Amen!