Daddy Time Theology is devoted to not only bringing biblical and systematic theology to life with quirky or interesting illustrations. We truly desire that you and your family can grow together in the love you have for one another and for God. We want you to thrive as individuals and as families. Conferences are one of many ways this is possible. Conferences are gatherings by organizations that promote various themes and topics for the mission of their ministry. Below you will find recommended conferences categorized by a topic or theme. It is our desire that these will be available to you and your families, so the glory of God to shine through your lives. To learn more about a conference, click the title of the conference. It will redirect you to the official conference website.


Strengthening Your Marriage

The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage is a Nationwide series of conferences that are professionally designed to bring biblical teaching, real-life stories, illustrations and group experiences through live events (video event is also available). It is Family Life Ministry’s desire that each couple that attends their conference will come away understanding and embracing God’s intended design for marriage.


Youth Conferences

Christ In Youth

Christ In Youth

Christ In Youth helps develop servant leaders for the Kingdom of God as a youth ministry conference. Families and youth ministries are welcome to attend one of the conferences nationwide to amplify your students’ servant leadership before they go out into the world as adults. At CIY they will learn the gospel message and how to live it out as Kingdom Workers. Conferences and events are nationwide at varying times.

Parent Discipleship Training


D6 Ministries Conference

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D6 Ministries is designed for families and ministry teams to get trained on how to minister to your families or the families in your community through godly, biblical discipleship. They equip parents with the knowledge and means to reach their children spiritually, thus making the parents the spiritual driving force in the home.