Growth, Discipline and Honor

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Yesterday was my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She is passing out of that Toddler stage, no longer toddling along through life. She has coherent speech that is getting better each day. She is running, walking and climbing with the ease of defined movements as one who is training and growing. Through consistent discipline she has grown […]


Parenting in Agreement

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Parenting in Agreement Many parents can attest that in the moment of a struggle with their toddler, or even their teenager, that opinions on discipline can fly around in the moment. Quite often the opinions of your spouse will not line up perfectly, however close or distant from your form discipline. Angela (my wife) and […]


Because I Said So…

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Growing up I heard the phrase “because I said so…” many times. I even catch myself telling our daughter Hannah it once and a while. Just this morning, Hannah placed her cup on its side instead of its base. The last time I told her before I showed her how to do it, I said, […]