They Shall Know Us By Our Love

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  Have you ever heard a statement like it?   “They shall know us by our love…” “The world shall know us by our love…”   Statements and declarations just like these two derive from the Gospel of John 13:15. Surely, “The World will know you are My disciples by the Love you have for […]

God's Love

Cast Your Anxiety Away

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Life can be stressful. Any adult with a career, bills and maintaining a home, disease, etcetera knows that life comes with stressors, anxiety and fears. As parents we stress out about our children’s growth, hoping and praying they grow normally and have a great chance at life. I myself, lately have been stressed out by […]


Suffering for God’s Glory

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A few days ago, on the 9th of October, a federal judge overturned a 63-year-old law that gave clergy tax housing allowances as a financial benefit (Bauer, 2017) for their spiritual service to their communities. This law saved Christian clergy an estimated $800 million a year in tax exemptions (Bauer, 2017). It is not a […]


Growth, Discipline and Honor

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Yesterday was my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She is passing out of that Toddler stage, no longer toddling along through life. She has coherent speech that is getting better each day. She is running, walking and climbing with the ease of defined movements as one who is training and growing. Through consistent discipline she has grown […]