About Us

My name is Derek Cozine! I am a married, Christian father with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies with a concentration of pastoral leadership from Liberty University. I have two children who I love dearly. I was a Youth Pastor in Iowa. Before I started my pastorate, I proudly held the mantle of being a stay-at-home dad, finding great love and joy in being the primary caregiver. I do not regret it, because God has used those experiences to shape me in so many different ways. Now I am searching for a position in youth ministry.

Using my Christian faith, love for theology and doctrine, my love for my wife and two goofy children, I blog about our life and connect it with the Christian walk with God.

I am a 29 year old pastor married to a 31 year old stay at home mother.

For the Glory of God,

Derek Cozine