Because I Said So…

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Growing up I heard the phrase “because I said so…” many times. I even catch myself telling our daughter Hannah it once and a while. Just this morning, Hannah placed her cup on its side instead of its base. The last time I told her before I showed her how to do it, I said, […]

God's Calling

Spittin’ Up On God

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Every day my daughter, Hadassah, wakes me up at approximately 6:30 AM. She wants her morning nummies and a good diaper change. I follow up with a few solid pats on the back to get out the excess gas in her tummy. The unfortunate truth is that the gas seldom comes up alone. Some of […]

Bible study

Bible Roulette

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Bible Roulette Yesterday my daughter, Hannah, and I were reading one of her books. As she typically does she grabs the book from the shelf and flips randomly to a page and begins looking at the words and pictures, pointing out words she knows or calls out the objects in the pictures. I found it […]